Kumagai Naoko

FacultyGraduate School of International Relations
PositionAssociate Professor
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    Kumagai Naoko


  • Graduate School of International Relations Associate Professor

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Academic & Professional Experience

  • 2013講師, 国際大学

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Politics / International relations

Research Interests

    日本, 国際人道法, アジア女性基金, 存在論的安, 従軍慰安婦従軍慰安婦従軍慰安婦, 戦後補償, 個人補償, 戦争犯罪, 戦争責任, 存在論的安心

Published Papers

  • Japan’s Reconciliation in the Issue of Comfort Women with the Netherlands and South Korea: Pragmatic and Reflective Reconciliation
    Naoko Kumagai
    Journal of European Integration History 2019 [Refereed]
  • Forgiveness in Reconciliation between Japan and Korea
    Naoko Kumagai
    E-International Relations 2016
  • The Background to the Japan-Republic of Korea Agreement: Compromises Concerning the
    Naoko Kumagai
    Asia-Pacific Review, 23(1) 65-99 2016 [Refereed]
  • Ianfu Koshō Mondai no Dōgiteki Hōteki Kentō
    Naoko Kumagai
    (16) 154-180 Mar. 2015
  • Asian Women’s Fund Revisited
    Naoko Kumagai
    Asia-Pacific Review 2(2) 117-148 2014 [Refereed]
  • Japan’s Self-Centered Reflection upon the Asia-Pacific War
    Naoko Kumagai
    Journal of Political Criticism(9) 29-43 Nov. 2011
  • The Challenge of Improvised Explosive Devices to International Humanitarian Law
    Naoko Kumagai
    IUJ Working Paper 2010

Books etc

  • Gender Equality in Japan: Internal Policy Processes and Impacts, and Foreign Implications under Prime Minister Abe’s Womenomics
    Naoko Kumagai (Co-authored with Dr. Joyce Gelb)
    Joint Work
    Chapter 21
    Routledge  2018
  • The Analysis of the Issue of Comfort Women with Japan’s Structural Colonial Power
    Naoko Kumagai
    For Reconciliation: Exploration of the Comfort Women of the Empire
    Crane  2017
  • Complementary Roles of Japanese and American Support for Thailand’s Counter-Trafficking in Persons Measures
    Naoko Kumagai
    The Japan-U.S. Alliance in Southeast Asia: Beyond the Traditional Security, Chapter 3
    Chikura Shobo  2017
  • The Comfort Women: Historical, Political, Legal, and Moral Perspectives (English version of Jūgun Ianfu Mondai. Translated by David Noble)
    Naoko Kumagai
    I-House Press  Jul. 2016
  • Japan-India Relations from the Perspectives of Global Governance
    Naoko Kumagai (Co-authored with Shinichi Kitaoka)
    Poised for Partnership: Deepening India-Japan Relations in the Asian Century
    Oxford University Press  2016
  • Jūgun Ianfu Mondai (The Issue of Comfort Women)
    Naoko Kumagai
    Single Work
    Chikuma Shinsho  2014

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