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Sayaka Kurashina

    International University of Japan Center for Language Education and Research  Assistant Professor (Koshi)
Last Updated :2021/12/01

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    International University of Japan Center for Language Education and Research  Assistant Professor (Koshi)

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Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Japanese language education

Academic & Professional Experience

  • 2014 - Today  International University of JapanCenter for Language Education and ResearchAssistant Professor (Koshi)
  • 2009/11 - 2014  International University of Japan大学院国際関係学研究科Assistant Professor (Koshi)

Association Memberships

  • Japanese Language Education Methods   中国語話者のための日本語教育研究会   THE SOCIETY FOR TEACHING JAPANESE AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE   

Books etc

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Development of an iOS App of Shadowing for Self-study  [Not invited]
    Akihiro Takeuchi; Sayaka Kurashina
    48th Japanese Language Education Methods Conference  2017/03
  • 文字認識・音声認識機能のついたゼロビギナーのためな習得支援アプリの開発  [Not invited]
    Akihiro Takeuchi; Sayaka Kurashina
    2016  2016/05
  • Developing educational video clips for zero beginners of Japanese called “Lessons for Useful Expressions in Japanese”  [Not invited]
    KURASHINA Sayaka; TAKEUCHI Akihiro; MATSUDA Yumiko
  • 意見文データベースで見る中国語話者の「一+助数詞」の過剰使用 ―母語話者、韓 国語話者との使用分布の比較―  [Not invited]
    Sayaka Kurashina
    第29回中国語話者のための日本語教育研究会  2014/07
  • The overseas experiences as a Japanese assistant language teacher – through interviews with native Japanese language teachers in Australia who participated in the Assistants to Teachers of Japanese Program in Victoria, Australia  [Not invited]
    Sayaka Kurashina
    第13回オセアニア教育学会  2009/12
  • Achievements and problems of the overseas experiences as an assistant language teacher of Japanese – a case study research in Victoria, Australia-  [Not invited]
    Toshiko Ishida; Sayaka Kurashina
    JSAA-ICJLE  2009/07
  • The acquisition of quantifier clase in Japanese by adult Chinese-speaking learners  [Not invited]
    Sayaka Kurashina
    第12回中国語話者のための日本語教育研究会  2009/03
  • The acquisition of quantifier clause including “ONE” in Japanese  [Not invited]
    Sayaka Kurashina
    第8回中国語話者のための日本語教育研究会  2007/12
  • Acquisition of conjunctive particles indicating sequential actions by Chinese learners of Japanese language –Tendency of learners’ errors found in the KY corpus  [Not invited]
    Sayaka Kurashina
    第3回中国語話者のための日本語教育研究会  2006/04


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