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Vida Macikenaite

    Graduate School of International Relations Assistant Professor (Koshi)
Last Updated :2021/01/15

Researcher Information


    Graduate School of International Relations Assistant Professor (Koshi)


  • PhD (Media and Governance)(Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance)
  • Master of Law (International Politics)(School of International Relations and Public Administration, Fudan University)
  • Master of Media and Governance(Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance)
  • Bachelor of Political Science(Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University)

J-Global ID

Research Interests

  • China-EU relations   foreign policy analysis   IR in Asia   authoritarian regimes (stability of)   state-business relations   Chinese model of governance   Chinese foreign policy   

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Politics / state-business relations in China
  • Humanities & social sciences / Politics / governance/state capacity
  • Humanities & social sciences / Politics / authoritarian regimes (stability of)
  • Humanities & social sciences / Politics / Chinese politics

Academic & Professional Experience

  • 2015/10  International University of JapanGraduate School of International RelationsAssistant Professor (tenure track)
  • 2012/10 - 2015/06  International University of JapanGraduate School of International RelationsPart-time Lecturer
  • 2013/02 - 2013/06  Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania)Graduate School of Asian StudiesGuest Lecturer


  • 2011/04 - 2015/08  Keio University  Graduate School of Media and Governance  PhD (Media and Governance)
  • 2009/09 - 2014/06  Fudan University  School of International Relations and Public Administration  Master's of Law (International Politics) - Chinese Politics and Diplomacy Program
  • 2009/04 - 2011/03  Keio University  Graduate School of Media and Governance  Master's (Media and Governance) - Global Governance and Regional Strategy Program
  • 2002/09 - 2006/06  Vilnius University  Institute of International Relations and Political Science  Bachelor of Political Science
  • 2004/09 - 2005/06  Aarhus University  Department of Political Science and Governance  Exchange Program

Published Papers

  • Development of the East China Sea Gas Field Dispute - Explaining Domestic Opinion Constraints on Chinese Foreign Policy
    Macikenaite Vida
    KEIO SFC JOURNAL 12 (1) 71 - 84 2012 [Refereed]

Books etc

  • The Resilient Party-State System in China (provisional title)
    Naito, Hiroko; Vida Macikenaite (Joint editor)Springer, 2020
  • Sources of China’s Foreign Action (Keio Institute of East Asian Studies Contemporary China Research Series)
    Tomoki Kamo (Contributorpp. 149-162)Keio University Press 2017
  • China as a Superpower: Its Rise and Direction
    Tomoki Kamo (Contributorpp. 40-51)Ichigeisha 2017
  • The Quandaries of China’s Domestic and Foreign Development (Contemporary Asian Studies Series)
    Dominik Mierzejewski (Contributorpp. 216-236)Lodz University Publishing House 2014

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Understanding CCP Regime’s Resilience: Inter-system career transfers between the Party-state and the SOEs as a tool in governance  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    Symposium of the Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Bringing the State Back in: New Frontiers of Governance Studies in China  2019/03
  • Links between Business Entities and State Institutions in China through the Economic Reform Era  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    The Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, New Orleans, USA  2017/01
  • Chinese Model of Governance: Networks between State Institutions and Business Entities  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    Fall Meeting of the Japanese Association of Asian Studies (JAAS)  2016/11
  • The Impact of China’s Xinjiang Policy on Chinese Security Involvement in Central Asia  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida; Parepa Laura
    The Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, San Juan, Puerto Rico  2016/01
  • The Impact of Official Investment Policy on the Location Patterns of China’s Outward FDI  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    The Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, San Juan, Puerto Rico  2016/01
  • State Control of China’s Outward FDI: The Limits of Legal Framework  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    The XX Bienal Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS 2014), Braga, Coimbra, Portugal  2014/07
  • Informal Networks between the Party-State and Business Enterprises in China  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    The 10th Lodz East Asia Meeting “New Dynamics of Europe-East Asia Regional Cooperation,” Lodz, Poland  2014/06
  • China’s Approach toward the Marine Environment Management and Its Implications for China’s Territorial Disputes: overfishing and the South China Sea dispute  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    The 1st Workshop of Keio-Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan  2013/03
  • Regionalism in IR as a Discipline: The Case of Japan  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    The 9th Convention of Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA) “Boundaries in/of International Relations,” Krakow, Poland  2012/09
  • Conflict Prevention through Unresolved Dispute or How Pending Joint Gas Development Initiative Contributed to the Regime Building and Peace in the East China Sea  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    The 10th Annual International Conference on Politics and International Affairs, Athens, Greece,  2012/06
  • Avoiding Public Protests: Explaining Chinese Foreign Policy toward the East China Sea Gas Field Development with Japan  [Not invited]
    Macikenaite Vida
    7th Annual Conference In Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy In Memory of the late Yitzhak Rabin, Jerusalem, Israel  2011/12

Research Grants & Projects

  • Understanding the Model of Governance in China: Party-state's Integration with Business Entit ies
    the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS):Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(KAKENHI) Program
    Date (from‐to) : 2016/04 -2020/03 
    Author : Macikenaite Vida

Teaching Experience

  • Comparative Governments and PoliticsComparative Governments and Politics GSIR, International University of Japan
  • International Cooperation (undergraduate)International Cooperation (undergraduate) International University of Japan (part of the Human Resource Development Program for International Cooperation (HRIC) in collaboration with Meiji and Rikkyo universities)
  • International Relations in Eurasia (graduate)International Relations in Eurasia (graduate) GSIR, International University of Japan
  • Political Development of Contemporary China (graduate)Political Development of Contemporary China (graduate) Graduate School of Asian Studies, Vytautas Magnus University
  • Chinese Foreign Policy (graduate)Chinese Foreign Policy (graduate) GSIR, International University of Japan
  • Contemporary Chinese Politics (graduate)Contemporary Chinese Politics (graduate) Graduate School of International Relations (GSIR), International University of Japan

Committee Membership

  • 2016/11 -2017/09   International University of Japan   Faculty Development Subcommittee


  • 2013 -2013 Li Shih-hui, “Japan Studies in Contemporary Taiwan: The State of Affairs and the Challenges Ahead,” KEIO SFC JOURNAL 13, no. 1 (2013): 23-34 (translation from Chinese to Japanese)
  • 2012 -2012 Timetable of Japan-China Relations 1972-2012
    Vida Macikenaite and Naito Hiroko, “Timetable of Japan-China Relations 1972-2012.” In History of Japan-China Relations 1972-2012. Vol. I Politics, edited by Akio Takahara and Hattori Ryuji, Tokyo University Press, 2012 (in Japanese, 高原 明生、服部 龍二 (編集)『日中関係史1972-2012 政治』東京大学出版会、2012年(マチケナイテ・ヴィダ、内藤寛子「日中関係 1972−2012年表」の作成).

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