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Michael Mondejar

    International University of Japan Center for Language Education and Research  Assistant Professor (Koshi)
Last Updated :2021/12/01

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    International University of Japan Center for Language Education and Research  Assistant Professor (Koshi)

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  • 80647959

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  • Michael Mondejar is an Assistant Professor at the International University of Japan, Niigata. His research interests include academic writing instruction and cross-cultural pragmatics. He has received his MA in TESOL at Teachers College, Columbia University.


  • 2009/01 - 2012/02  Teachers College - Columbia University, Tokyo  Master of Arts in TESOL
  • 1998/09 - 2003/08  The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor  Bachelor of Sciences in Biology and Japanese

Published Papers

  • Vocatives as mitigators and upgraders in speech acts
    Michael Mondejar
    PanSIG2014: Sustainability - Making teaching and learning last 116 - 121 2015/05 [Refereed]
  • English and Japanese vocative use in a multiethnic community in Japan
    Mondejar, M
    JALT 2013: Learning is a lifelong voyage 187 - 196 2014/08 [Refereed]
  • Implementing blended learning in foreign language education: Reasons and considerations
    Mondejar, M
    JALT 2012: Making a difference 475 - 481 2013/08 [Refereed]
  • Effective implementation of foreign language education reform in Japan: What more can be done?
    Mondejar, M; Valdivia, L; Laurier, J; Mboutsiadis, B
    JALT 2011: Teaching, learning, growing 179 - 191 2012/10 [Refereed]
  • Language policy in Japan: Shifting paradigms
    Mondejar, M; Laurier, J; Valdivia, L; Mboutsiadis, B; Sanchez, E
    JALT Pan-SIG 2011: Discovering paths to fluency 149 - 165 2011/10 [Refereed]
  • Write away right away: Second edition (book review)
    Michael Mondejar
    Accents Asia 4 (2) 79 - 81 2011/10 [Refereed]
  • Personal language learning for teachers and learners: Reflections on the Learner Development SIG session at Nakasendo 2011
    Barfield, A; Mondejar, M; Mboutsiadis, B; Rundle, C; Vye, S; Arnold, L; Unosawa, K
    Learning Learning 18 (2) 38 - 50 2011/09
  • Implementing language policy in Japan: Realities and recommendations
    Laurier, J; Mboutsiadis, B; Mondejar, M; Sanchez, E; Valdivia, L
    PeerSpectives 7 19 - 29 2011/06 [Refereed]

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