Akareem, Husain S.

FacultyGraduate School of International Management
PositionAssistant Professor (Koshi)
Last Updated: May 17, 2020 at 21:31

Researcher Profile & Settings


    Akareem, Husain S.


  • Graduate School of International Management Assistant Professor (Koshi)


  • Feb. 2014Dec. 2017Queensland University of Technology School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Business administration / Marketing

Research Interests

    Social Media Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Value Co-creation, Consumer Behavior

Published Papers

  • Determining perceptions, attitudes and behaviour towards social network site advertising in a three-country context
    Melanie Wiese, Husain Salilul Akareem
    Journal of Marketing Management 36(5-6) 420-455 2020 [Refereed]
  • Friends with benefits: Can firms benefit from consumers’ sense of community in brand Facebook pages?
    Melanie Wiese, Husain Salilul Akareem
    European Business Review 31(6) 947-969 2019 [Refereed]
  • Determinants of education quality: what makes students’ perception different?
    Husain Salilul Akareem, Syed Shahadat Hossain
    Open Review of Educational Research 3(1) 52-67 2016 [Refereed]
  • Perception of education quality in private universities of Bangladesh: a study from students' perspective
    Husain Salilul Akareem, Syed Shahadat Hossain
    Journal of Marketing for Higher Education 22(1) 11-33 2012 [Refereed]

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