Motohide Saji

FacultyGraduate School of International Relations
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    Motohide Saji

Profile & Settings


  • Graduate School of International Relations Professor


  • Dec. 2006The University of Chicago PhD in Political Science


  • PhD(The University of Chicago)

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Kant on the experience of passivity
    Motohide Saji
    World Journal of Social Science Research 2(2) 200-226 Dec. 2015 [Refereed]
    Open access
  • On the division between reason and unreason in Kant
    Motohide Saji
    Human Studies: A Journal for Philosophy and the Social Sciences 32(2) 201-223 Jun. 2009 [Refereed]
  • Three aspects of the self-opacity of the empirical subject in Kant
    Motohide Saji
    Philosophy & Social Criticism 35(3) 315-337 Mar. 2009 [Refereed]
  • On tensions in Kant’s account of reason in politics
    Motohide Saji
    Textual Practice 20(4) 679-702 Dec. 2006 [Refereed]

Books etc

  • To experience differently: on one strand of Kant's anthropology
    Motohide Saji
    Polyphonic Anthropology, Massimo Canevacci (ed.), pp.57-80
    InTech  Mar. 2012  978-953-51-0418-6
    Refereed. Open access
  • On an East Asian community, or Kant's cosmopolitan right reconsidered
    Motohide Saji
    Globalization and Regional Integration in Europe and Asia, Nam-kook Kim (ed.), pp. 123-142
    Ashgate  Jul. 2009  978-0754676133

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