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Daniel Parsons

    International University of Japan Center for Language Education and Research  Assistant Professor (Koshi)
Last Updated :2021/12/01

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    International University of Japan Center for Language Education and Research  Assistant Professor (Koshi)

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  • Daniel is a teacher of English for Academic Purposes, and is interested in using corpus tools for materials development. As part of classroom practice, he is interested in methods of formative assessment that is founded on theories of language acquisition, and formative assessment pedagogy that has language acquisition as its goal.

Research Interests

  • Second Language Identity   Formative Assessment   Task Based Learning   Computer Assisted Language Learning   

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / English linguistics
  • Humanities & social sciences / Education - general
  • Humanities & social sciences / Foreign language education

Academic & Professional Experience

  • 2017/04 - Today  International University of JapanCenter for Language Education and ResearchAssistant Professor
  • 2013/04 - 2017/03  Kwansei Gakuin UniversitySchool of Science and TechnologyInstructor of English as a Foreign Language
  • 2012/11 - 2013/03  ADTECSalesSalesman
  • 2009/08 - 2012/10  Sophia Zemi International English SchoolTeacher and Teacher Trainer
  • 2004/07 - 2009/07  Naoshima Town Board of EducationAssistant Language Teacher


  • 2015/10 - 2016/10  Leicester University  Department of Education  Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • 2008/10 - 2011/10  Open University, UK  Faculty of Education and Language Studies  Master of Education M.Ed (Applied Linguistics)
  • 1998/10 - 2002/06  Imperial College  Physics  Physics (MSci)

Published Papers

  • Daniel Parsons
    ELT JOURNAL OXFORD UNIV PRESS 71 (1) 24 - 36 0951-0893 2017/01 [Refereed]
  • Keeping it fresh: The importance of novelty in the classroom
    Regan Thomson; Daniel Parsons
    Kansei Gakuin University Humanities Review 21 2016/12
  • Imagined Communities in an Oral Discussion Classroom
    Daniel Parsons; Regan Thomson
    Kansei Gakuin Humanties Review 21 2016/12
  • Migration and Identity
    Daniel Parsons
    Kansei Gakuin University Social Sciences Review 21 2016/12
  • Teaching Discussion Skills in an EGAP Curriculum: The Case of Japanese Science and Technology Students
    Daniel Parsons
    Professional and Academic English: Journal of the IATEFL ESP Special Interest Group 47 4 - 7 2016/08 [Refereed]
  • Innovations in Classroom Concordancing
    Daniel Parsons
    Kansei Gakuin University Humanities Review 20 81 - 97 2015/12
  • Corpus and its Role in Teaching
    Daniel Parsons
    Kansei Gakuin University Humanities Review 18 49 - 58
  • An Analysis of Lexicogrammar in Samples from a Corpus of Science Texts
    Daniel Parsons
    Kansei Gakuin University Humanities Review 19 107 - 119
  • Authorship in task based performance
    Daniel Parsons
    The 2015 PanSIG Journal 142 - 149 [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Tensions in software development and educational innovation  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons
    JALTCALL  2016/06
  • Combining language, novelty and techno-realia  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons; with Regan Thomson
    JALTCALL, Tamagawa University  2016/06
  • Developing EAP materials using corpus tools  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons
    PanSIG2016  2016/05
  • Professional migrant and language identities  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons
    Seminar for PhD Students, Lleida University, Spain  2016/03
  • Using novelty for engagement: Classroom robotics  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons
    JALT Conference  2015/11
  • Authorship in task performance  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons
    PanSIG2015  2015/05
  • Building a robotics company: A pilot project in task based learning  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons
    Task Based Learning and Teaching in Asia  2014/05
  • Virtual learning environments and data in the classroom  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons
    PanSIG2014  2014/05
  • Exploring lexical bundles to improve ESP courses  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons
    ESP Symposium  2013/09
  • Finding a voice in EFL classroom discussions  [Not invited]
    Daniel Parsons
    IAFOR Asian Conference on Language Learning

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