Akira Ariyoshi

FacultyGraduate School of International Relations
PositionSpecially Appointed Professor
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Researcher Profile & Settings


    Akira Ariyoshi


  • Graduate School of International Relations Specially Appointed Professor


  • Mar. 1976The University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering


  • Doctor of Philosophy(University of Oxford, U.K.)

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Apr. 2010- TodayProfessor, Hitotsubashi University
  • Apr. 2010- TodayProfessor, Hitotsubashi University
  • Professor, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Economics Applied Economics

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Economics / Economic policy
  • Economics / Public finance/Public economy

Research Interests

    International Finance, Financial Systems and Financial Regulation

Published Papers

  • Navigating the FInancial Regulator's Impossible Trinity
    Akira Ariyoshi
    Financial System Stability, Regulation, and Financial Inclusion Feb. 2015
  • Emerging Markets Need to Prepare for Crisis
    Akira Ariyoshi
    Nippon Keizai Shimbun(45985) 21-21 Feb. 2014
  • The Probability of Success for Abenomics (jointly worked)
    Akira Ariyoshi, Takuji Okubo
    Financial Affairs Weekly 64(35) 26-30 Sep. 2013
  • Coping with Capital Inflow Surges: Reviewing the IMF's New 'Institutional Vies'
    Akira Ariyoshi
    Japanese Journal of Monetary and Financial Economics 1(1) 25-36 Aug. 2013
  • Risks in Abenomics
    (45707) 29 May 2013
  • Lessons Learned, Lessons Not Learned and the Lessons tobe Learned: From the Asian Crisis to the European Crisis
    Akira Ariyoshi
    'Who will Provide the Next Financial Model? Asia's Financial Muscle and Europe's Financial Maturity', Eiji Ogawa and Sahoko Kaji (eds.) Springer, March 2013 Mar. 2013
  • Why must We Help Greece? - International Financial Crisis and its Solutions
     Feb. 2013
  • Banking Union tests EU's resolve
    Akira Ariyoshi
    Nihon Keizai Shinbun 8月13日(45447) 17-17 Aug. 2012
  • Why do we need to study stress scenarios - JGB crisis as an example
    Akira Ariyoshi
    Financial Affairs Weekly 63(32) 38-42 Aug. 2012
  • "Asia: Shaping the Global Monetary Order"
    Akira Ariyoshi
    The Euromoney Asia-Pacific Capital Markets Handbook 2009 1-3 Sep. 2008
  • "International Capital Mobility and Domestic Financial System Stability: A Survey of Issues" (co-authored with V. Sundararajan and I. Otker-Robe) (jointly worked)
    Akira Ariyoshi,V. Sundararajan , I. Otker-Robe
    O.E.G. Johnson ed., Financial Risks, Stability and Globalization, International Monetary Fund 426-472 Apr. 2002
  • "Japanese Capital Flows"
    Akira Ariyoshi
    Finance and Development 25-28 Sep. 1988

Books etc

  • Capital Controls: Country Experiences with Their Use and Liberalization (jointly worked)
    Akira Ariyoshi,Karl Habermeie et al
    Joint Work
    International Monetary Fund  May 2000

Conference Activities & Talks

  • THe World Economy: Outlook and Issues
    有吉 章
    AFS-JICA Seminar  Sep. 2014 Academy of FInancial Services and Japan INternational Cooperation Agency
  • Financial Liberalization in the De-globalization Phase
    有吉 章
    ADBI-OECD ROundtable on Capital Market Reforms in Asia Mar. 2014 ADBI and OECD
  • Financial System Stability and Competition in the Financial Industry
    有吉 章
    Financial System Stability, Regulation and Financial Inclusion Jan. 2014 金融庁・アジア開発銀行研究所・国際通貨基金
  • What Have We Learned from the Crises? - The Debate on Macroeconomic and Financial Policies
    有吉 章
    AFS-JICA Seminar Series Inaugral Seminar Aug. 2013 Academy of FInancial Studies and Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • Lessons from Japan's Bubble
    有吉 章
    JICA-Vietnamese MOF Seminar on Experiece Sharing on Macro-Economic Management Jul. 2012
  • Session D: Sovereign risk and financial stability
    有吉 章
    ADBI/PRI Conference: Achieving Financial Stability-Lessons from the Eurozone Crisis for Macroeconomic and Financial Stability Mar. 2012
  • Session 1: The global financial situation and regulatory reforms: Implications for Asia
    有吉 章
    OECD-ADBI 12th Roundtable on Capital Market Reform in Asia Feb. 2012
  • Session II Monetary and Fiscal policy
    有吉 章
    EUSI in Tokyo: Who will provide the next Financial Model? Asia’s Financial Muscle and Europe’s Financial Maturity Dec. 2011
  • Session II Monetary and Fiscal policy
    有吉 章
    EUSI in Tokyo: Who will provide the next Financial Model? Asia’s Financial Muscle and Europe’s Financial Maturity Dec. 2010

Research Grants & Projects

  • Satbility of Internaltional Monetary and Financial Systems

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