Akihiro Takeuchi

FacultyInternational University of Japan Center for Language Education and Research 
PositionAssociate Professor
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Researcher Profile & Settings


    Akihiro Takeuchi


  • International University of Japan Center for Language Education and Research  Associate Professor


  • 1982International Christian University Faculty of Liberal Arts


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Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Linguistics / Japanese language education / TJFL

Research Interests

    Teaching Japanese as a foreign language

Published Papers

  • Interaction Problems of Foreign Residents as Reflected from their Evaluation Narratives
    TAKEUCHI Akihiro
    Global Communication Studies(4) 87-110 2016 [Refereed]
  • Citizenship education and the second generations of migrants in Australia –The perception of the children of Japanese immigrants in Australia-
    Miyagi T. & Takeuchi A.
    Journal of Oceanian Education Studies 18 2012 [Refereed]
  • Incorporating specific language problems encountered by learners into elementary course designs
    TAKEUCHI Akihiro
    Japanese Language Education Methods 19(1) 2012
  • The formation of the language management by bilingual users
    TAKEUCHI Akihiro
  • A preliminary research for integrating SPOT with qualifying test for Japanese language course
     13  41- 2003
  • Male and female speech acquisition by Australian learners of Japanese
    Medley Communication ; Working papaers in Japanese Language and Japanese language teaching 1(1)  85 1995

Books etc

  • Learners'attitudes towards CALL and the effectiveness of CALL softwares as reflected by leaerners'performance
    Papers of the 10th Biennial conference of the J. S. A. A, New Directions in Japanese linguistics  2000

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Developing an application with character and voice recognition to facilitate zero beginners’ acquisition of kana
    TAKEUCHI Akihiro & KURASHINA Sayaka
     May 2016

Research Grants & Projects

  • Kanji Description strategy
  • Computer Assisted language Learning
  • Issues on Advanced learner of Japanese

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